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Zoology is the scientific study of animals. Zoology is actually a branch of biology. There are several branches of zoology that are specialized fields within the realm of zoology. The field of zoology was established in German and Britain universities although the study of animals has been around for a much longer period in history. Such renowned names as Charles Darwin and even Aristotle have contributed to the importance of this branch of scientific study. Modern day zoology is certainly an interesting field although it is not a glamorous one nor is it always financially lucrative.

The methods of animal study can be broken down into several categories. It is a broad and diverse field that studies not just mammals but reptiles, birds, even insects and spiders. Zoology even goes a step further by studying species that have become extinct as well as speculative species meaning those that may or may not exist. There are many specializations within the field of zoology to explore.

Shashi Bhushan Singh
Lecturer Zoology Department
Mob. : 9430918188, 9431086602

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